War Robots APK 8.5.0 (Unlimited Rockets)

War Robots
App Name War Robots
Genre Action
Developer Pixonic
Size 86M
Latest Version 8.5.0
Mod info Unlimited Rockets
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

War Robots is an extremely attractive fighting action game.You can choose and operate a huge variety of different robots in the game to take part in ferocious and exciting combat.

Let’s construct a fighting machine that fits your playstyle.

Download War Robots MOD APK For Android

One of the most thrilling robot-themed action games on Android is called War Robots. The game has received several accomplishments after a development time, something few other games have. Download War Robots right away on your Android device to have the experience of defeating robots and gaining victory.


Introducing War Robots

In the game War Robots, you will have to command robots to battle evil forces that are attempting to take over the entire world. The appealing action role-playing combat genre is one to which the game belongs.

In addition to controlling the Robots, players must face unexpected battles valiantly, practice tactical drills, and maintain composure when faced with opponents hatching hazardous conspiracies.

Besides, players should prepare for battle to annihilate the opposing Robots, restore freedom and peace to the globe by arming robots with weapons, enhancing their power, and employing various strategies to win every game.

Gameplay War Robots

Your main objective in War Robots is to command your super robots to attack, eliminate adversaries, or take every area on the game screen in order to achieve ultimate victory.

Your operation in this game is straightforward. The controls for your robot's movement are located on the left side of the game screen, which is divided in half and the keys with the ability to assault the opposition are in the right part.

Twelve players will take part in a battle in War Robots, split between two different blue and red teams. Each participant can choose any kind of robot to participate in the combat.


Upgrade Super Robots

To create the most powerful super armor, you can freely choose from more than 50 different super robot types in the game and improve them.

Every robot in the game has different power metrics, and some of them even have unique capacities. Super robots can be upgraded to increase their power. You'll be able to unlock new robots as you level up.

Equip Weapons

In War Robots, it is important to keep in mind that you must arm new robots you possess with weapons. Additionally, this implies that you will have the freedom to freely swap out the machine guns, cannons, or laser cannons on your super robots. You can wear up to two different types of cannons with each super robot.

You have access to a wide variety of weapons in War Robots, and this will have a significant impact on how you play the game. If you want to participate in the fight as a support, you can select slow, stun weapons. Alternately, select weapons with high damage and rapid fire to serve as the team's primary source of damage. 

Features in War Robots

To keep players interested throughout the game, War Robots has a vast collection of diverse game maps. In order to heighten the drama of the gaming screen, the position that must be occupied will also be altered in accordance with the playing maps.

Your conflict will be made more epic by the numerous structures, challenges, and hazardous terrain. In order to make your super robots more attractive, you can also buy skins for them.

Additionally, you can search for commanders in War Robots who can make your robot run more smoothly and effectively.


Graphics and Sound

The game's graphics are exquisitely created, including incredibly epic combat robots with meticulously crafted features. Cool weapons that shoot with impressive and gorgeous effects.  

Players will feel a sense of anticipation and excitement playing War Robots because of its engaging game soundtrack and quick tempo. The levels are made more epic and dramatic by adding sound effects like gunshots, rockets, and laser cannons.There are audible effects in the game when you upgrade, take down turrets, or use particularly intriguing equipment.


When players can command enormous robots and engage in really epic conflicts in War Robots, they experience something completely unique. Your matches will be more captivating because of the enormous game map with incredibly gorgeous scenery. Download War Robots to feel the fantastic emotions and enjoy playing exciting robot battles.