My Talking Tom APK (Unlimited Coins)

My Talking Tom
App Name My Talking Tom
Genre Casual
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Size 115.9Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update January 09, 2023 (1 years ago)

My Talking Tom is certainly a name that many people of all ages are familiar with. The humorous cat Tom can mimic human speech and can respond to your activities. In particular, you may raise Tom like a real cat by feeding him, taking him to the bathroom, shopping for supplies, and engaging in a variety of entertaining minigames. Even though this game genre has been around for a while, it has remained popular.

Download My Talking Tom MOD APK For Android

In the field of virtual animal games, My Talking Tom has established itself as a legend. Your life will become more colorful and enjoyable thanks to this game and the adorable cat Tom who can communicate with you through the screen.To be able to take care of this lovely cat, download this game directly to Android devices. You can also play a ton of entertaining minigames in My Talking Tom.


Introducing My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom revolves around the life of a pet cat-Tom. You will have the experience of raising a real cat such as: wake him up, feed him, play together, change clothes and talk to him...Because of the straightforward gameplay, raising cat doesn't involve intricate manipulations and the fact that it's addictive and incredibly amusing, its hotness doesn't seem to be waning. 

My Talking Tom is regarded as one of the most popular gameplay ever produced, appealing to both young and old players. Simply touch the screen where you require interactive functionality, and operation couldn't be simpler. The screen shows you all you need to know, see, or learn. No matter if you're a novice or seasoned player, this game is made to be played by everyone.

How to play My Talking Tom

First off you need to give the cat a name, Tom.Tom must receive proper care from the owner after being formally adopted. You may make Tom Cat very happy by giving him food on time, playing with him, caring for him, and watching him develop over the course of the game's hundreds of stages.

In addition,don't forget to select and deck up Tom the cat with attire to match your preferences and style from the vibrant and abundant cat accessory fashion store. Decorate the cat's home by selecting accessories for the kitchen, bathroom, play area, and bedroom.You should play with Tom on a frequent basis in particular. This is one of the crucial chores for making the cat Tom grow up more quickly and cheerfully. You can also make a lot of gold from it to purchase more things and food for Tom.


Next, you can play a number of little games in My Talking Tom to gain points in addition to the regular pet activities such as: Talking Tom Gold Run, Happy Connect, Hit The Road,... Every game is unique and has value of its own. Importantly, you can obtain worthwhile incentives for playing, like coins or goods to adorn Tom's cat.

Lastly,Tom will mature quickly if properly cared for. Every birthday, Tom will get an upgrade, more new features, and new naughty tricks. Please wait for new content from Tom with patience since there is no end to the game.

Features in My Talking Tom

- Film and watch videos: Cat Tom can imitate human voices, if you sing a two-minute song to  Tom, he will replicate the song while using the funniest voice you've ever heard. You can fully record and film Tom cat to show to friends or family.

- Interact with the cat Tom: Tom will repeat anything after you speak. Tom may be content , tired, bored, etc. depending on the way you play. Touch, handle any circumstance on your own, interact with a number of cool gaming elements that give you the impression of what it's actually happening. This is one of the main factors for My Talking Tom's success. 

- Caring and nurturing Tom: Tom experiences the same emotions as a real cat would when you don't visit him frequently or when you fail to feed him. Therefore, remember to give him his favorite foods and play games with him more.

- Visit Talking Tom of friends and other players: You can see how other players' cats are doing by visiting their cat apartments. Discover the hidden treasure boxes adjacent to their cat, then open them to claim your prize.

Rewards: Raising your cat through 9 stages will allow you to access new equipment and earn coins as you advance in the game.

Graphics and Sound

My Talking Tom makes use of 3D graphics. Tom the cat is designed in a beautiful, lovely, but not overly childlike way. The cat is the center of all actions, details, and things. Each item is  meticulously constructed and strikingly realistic. By selecting combinations from more than 1000 costumes and accessories, you can perfectly blend many cat styling trends.


The sound component's important contribution comes next. Tom Cat has a lovely voice that is both clear and loud. My Talking Tom's voice parody feature does a good job of producing a colorful effect. While playing the game, the various noises of objects and winning minigames also add a lot of enjoyment.


With the information mentioned above, My Talking Tom consistently receives a warm welcome from gamers of all ages, particularly from players who enjoy simulation games. Download and raise Tom right now if you enjoy animals, especially cats, for more engaging activities.