Free Fire APK 1.102.1 (Hack Auto Aim)

Free Fire
App Name Free Fire
Genre Action
Developer Garena International
Size 70.6Mb
Latest Version 1.102.1
Mod info Hack Auto Aim
Update January 09, 2024 (3 months ago)

Garena Free Fire is certainly not strange to the gamer community. With modern tactical shooter gameplay along with top-notch graphics, fast Free Fire game progression and vivid sound, this is obviously an attractive 2022 game that brings moments of top entertainment.

Some information about Garena Free Fire you may not know

Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire) is an online, mobile-only battle royale game designed, developed, and released by Garena Studios. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a game developed by the Vietnamese company itself. After the success of releasing the beta version in Vietnam, the new game was officially launched on December 4, 2017, by a Singaporean company. Free Fire has amazingly surpassed more than 500 million downloads on Android and more than 100 million downloads on iOS operating system, becoming one of the most popular survival shooting games on mobile.


The game consists of up to 54 players parachuting onto an island to search for weapons and equipment to attack and defeat other players to become the last survivor. Players can freely choose the beginning position, and get weapons as well as supplies to prolong the fight.

How can we play Garena Free Fire?

As a 50-player battle royale game, players can choose to play solo, in pairs, in threes, or even in groups of four. After initiating the search for a match, players will be taken to an island and have 60 seconds to wait for others and get acquainted with the game before boarding the plane to the main island - where the battle for survival takes place. Then after landing from the plane, the players will explore the buildings to find weapons and equipment to be able to survive as well as defeat other players.

Remember that a Free Fire match will occur for about 15 minutes, so try to survive, use your shooting skills to defeat other opponents, and win the game!


Some notes when playing Free Fire:

  • After landing, players should immediately move and start searching for weapons since they are the priority to find first.
  • When wielding no items, you can use your fists to destroy the enemies.
  • In the process of looting, you must observe that you are in a boundary which is a safe circle. After a few minutes, it will shrink. You will lose blood when you are out of the circle and, the longer that you stay out of the safe boundaries, the more blood you will lose every second.
  • To pick up many items, you need to have a backpack. Backpacks are divided into levels 1-2-3. The capacity will be displayed on the left of the medical box with a backpack icon with the percentage of capacity used.
  • Helmets and armor have 1-2-3 levels. Hats and armor will help you limit damage from guns. The barrel, handle and magazine also have 1-2-3 levels and are very useful to make your weapon stronger and more stable, so if you have the opportunity to change to a better accessory, don't hesitate!
  • Attend some events to receive costumes and the free outer layer for your guns.
  • The Supply Box will be dropped from an aircraft containing powerful weapons that is very easy to become a slaughter zone because everyone wants to own them. Look closely to see if anyone is "stalking" you near the box, and vice versa, you can also guard the box to lure innocent people coming and defeat them!

Special features Garena Free Fire

- Online chat: players' teams can chat online while playing with a sense of fun and safety. They can exchange information, have fun, or discuss tactics.

- Attractive interface: beautiful graphic design helps Free Fire become more enjoyable for many people because it brings the most real feeling to players.

- Survival is the end goal. However, it is also challenging for players since they have to be very careful to protect themselves from rivals. With just a little carelessness, they can be killed in an instant.

- Attractive rewards: after you continuously upgrade your skills during the game, you can receive a lot of attractive rewards.


Free Fire has a light configuration, compatible with most devices on the market today. To play Free Fire, you should have a phone with RAM of 1.5 GB or more to play smoothly.

Overall, the Free Fire game is an extremely attractive game for gamers loving challenges and shooting.