8 Ball Pool APK 5.14.11 (Hint Aim Lines)

8 Ball Pool
App Name 8 Ball Pool
Genre Sports
Developer Miniclip.com
Size 54.3MB
Latest Version 5.14.11
Mod info Hint Aim Lines
Update January 05, 2024 (3 months ago)

8 Ball Pool MOD APK will help you become the best pool player in the world in 1vs1 battles with top opponents from everywhere. The publisher Miniclip.com created a global craze when it launched this exciting game, as evidenced by the fact that it has received over 11 million reviews and over five hundred million downloads on Google Play. That is an imposing number for a mobile game with simple graphics and gameplay. So what made the game successful? Read on to find out.

8 Ball Pool MOD APK

8 Ball Pool MOD APK

Billiards has appeared for a long time in the world. The earliest records of this sport's emphasis on artistry, concentration, and precision say it dates back to 14th century France. At first, it was mainly played by people of the aristocracy, but billiards quickly spread to the community and became more popular. Today, it has become a globally famous sport and is included in the Olympic program.

Capturing the huge fanbase of sports enthusiasts, studio Miniclip.com has released 8 Ball Pool, which simulates a two-player duel, the most popular form of competition of this sport. Two players will use sticks to push the balls into the hole in their numerical order. The game's unique feature is that two players will have to bet a certain amount to compete. The winner will win the total amount, while the loser will lose the money they bet.  

Become the world's number 1 billiards player

Become the world's number 1 billiards player

The game applies the popular rule of 8-ball billiards. Two players will use the white cue ball to take turns pushing the balls into the hole. The first player will push the balls numbered 1 to 7, and the second player will push the balls numbered 9 to 15. After pushing all the balls on the table into the hole, the two players will compete to Push ball 8 into the hole. Whoever gets the number 8 ball wins.

Various levels

8 Ball Pool offers 5 different levels with increasing difficulty for players to experience, London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, and Las Vegas, respectively. The wagering fee for each level will correspond to its difficulty.

Before the match, two players will have to bet to make the match more dramatic. The bet level will depend on the level's difficulty or on the players' conventions with each other. If you are confident in your billiards skills, you can increase your bets in exchange for larger potential winnings. The winner will win the entire bet. It can be said that betting before matches will give you a solid motivation to beat your opponent and win the game.

Simple Controls

 Simple Controls

This billiards simulation game has simplified controls compared to actual billiards so that beginners can quickly get used to the game. You will move your finger to navigate the billiards club with suggested aim lines to help you adjust the angle easily. That makes simulation games a perfect tool for you to practice your aiming skills when in reality, you will have to use your eyes to aim instead of the built-in aim lines in the game.  

After adjusting the direction of play, you will pull the force gauge so that the cue ball pushes the other balls into the hole. Attack power will increase gradually the longer you hold the bar. However, adjust the power appropriately to move the cue ball to a position favorable for the next shot. 

Exciting 1v1 matches

This is the primary game mode. You will enter a 1vs1 match against a random player around the world. Opponents can come from any region, creating the feel of an Olympic Games.

Each player will have a total of 30 seconds to aim, align, and launch the shot. This limited time will help maintain the game's speed and help it avoid constant interruptions. The penalty for the player not making a shot within the time limit will be a ball in hand, meaning the opponent will be allowed to place the cue ball anywhere on the table to make their next shot the most favorable. . This penalty also applies when you fail to hit the cue ball, causing the cue ball to fall into the hole.;

Upgrade Necessary Items

The billiards stick to the soul of billiards players. In 8 Ball Pool, the usual basic billiards sticks will be exquisitely designed with unique motifs, helping to create a sense of luxury and excitement for users. The game's most expensive and rarest billiards sticks include Collection, Country, Standard, and Victory. To own a large amount of money to buy these sticks, you must try to win a lot of opponents to accumulate rewards.

In-game rewards can be used to purchase necessary items. Besides, you can also use the money to buy special skills, such as spinning the ball, to create beautiful billiards shots.

Besides, the billiards sticks in the game will come with a separate energy bar. When you've used up most of the energy on your shots, recharge your billiards club for more precision on your next shots.

Create a tournament and invite friends to join

Besides 1vs1 mode, the game also helps you have moments of refreshing entertainment with your friends when inviting them to participate in tournament mode, allowing 8 players to compete. Fight together to find the champion. This mode also allows you to participate in other players' tournaments. The champion reward is precious, much larger than 1vs1 matches, helping you to buy the necessary accessories in the game store.

Good graphics and realistic physics interaction

The graphics part of the game is built on a 2D platform, which is not too complicated, but it is good enough to simulate billiard matches from a vertical perspective from above the table. Besides, the physical interaction in the game is also elaborately invested, making the experience of pushing the ball down the hole of the game as realistic as possible.

Download 8 Ball Pool MOD APK

If you are a fan of billiards. 8 Ball Pool is a game that you cannot miss. The MOD version of the game will give you unlimited money, suggesting further aim lines to help you easily make difficult shots. Download this game now to compete with other billiards players and become the best billiards player in the world.