League of Stickman APK 6.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

League of Stickman
App Name League of Stickman
Genre Action
Size 133MB
Latest Version 6.1.6
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update August 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

League of Stickman - with extremely attractive fighting action. Let's transform into heroes together, choose a favorite character and a supporting character and start joining the fight. There will be a lot of monsters along the way, they are very crowded and appear constantly to block your path. It will be easy to overcome in the early stages but gradually they will be very strong. Players need to skillfully attack, dodge attacks, and combine moves to destroy monsters without being defeated. Combine protagonist control and support to optimize your combat advantage. Let's get started!


League of Stickman apk mod

How to play League of Stickman

The gameplay is simple, you just need to control the character to fight and destroy the evil monsters in the way. The operation in the game is also very easy, the horizontal screen of the device will be divided into left and right. On the left are the arrows to navigate the character, and on the right are the keys to help the character perform skills. Players should pass the levels after defeating the boss of each level.

Characters in the game

Diverse characters, up to 30 characters for you to experience. You can easily own the characters by accumulating bonus gems through the levels in the game. Each character has a different set of skills. The skill set includes Gunner, gladiator, and assassin, you should skillfully use skills to create beautiful combos, and deal as much damage as possible. Additionally, skills can be upgraded to make them stronger.


Equipping weapons and support items for your character is extremely necessary. With a very diverse arsenal with many different types, items are also extremely rich. Each item has parameters that players need to care about: HP, damage, strength, exp, and defense.

Game mode

League of Stickman hack

Hack League of Stickman gives you five very special game modes. With each game mode, there are attractive play styles, the most dramatic experience is when you destroy monsters. The game modes are not too harsh, there will be levels from easy to difficult to challenge players gradually.

- Daily mode: This mode will be unlocked after you reach chapter 3 of the game.

- Campaign mode: This mode will have 3 levels in addition to

- Normal levels for players to choose: Elite, Abyss, Nightmare. To unlock to experience, the players have to pass the Normal level.

- Event Raid Mode: You can choose to participate in Event Raid, Quests, or Arenas.

- Challenge mode: To participate in this game mode, you must pass chapter 4 of the game. You can then choose to experience the World Boss or the Endless Mode.

- Ranking mode: Similar to the original, this is a mode for you to compete with other players in League of Stickman. It will put you on the leaderboard with a lot of players from all over the world.

Sound and graphics

League of Stickman download

Background music has a slow tempo, melodious and heroic. Sound effects from attacks and moves make matches interesting. Moreover, League of Stickman has beautiful 2D graphics, a simple design, and high image quality. Besides, the rich number of characters with vivid effects, diverse and monumental skills are the plus points not to be missed.

The game has an attractive gameplay

League of Stickman is an action-fighting game with extremely amazed and appealing gameplay. You will play as a super soldier and start the journey of adventure, fight and defend the righteous. This is an extremely entertaining game if you love simple action games, continuous combat gameplay, and beautiful combat, download and experience League of Stickman Free.