Temple Run APK 1.25.1 (Unlimited Money)

Temple Run
App Name Temple Run
Genre Arcade
Developer Imangi Studios
Size 76.4Mb
Latest Version 1.25.1
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

Temple Run - a familiar game for various ages all over the world, is a game that players can immerse themselves in the escapes in the jungle with a monster chasing behind. Now, let's find out the fascination of the game!

Temple Run - Escape from the ancient temple

A 3D action game called Temple Run was released on August 4, 2011, by Raleigh, USA-based Imangi Studios. Not many people know that Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, a husband and wife, created the game.

Today, endless running games are numerous. But back then, when the App Store was just getting started, they weren't as popular. Until Temple Run was released in 2011, it surprised the world with repetitive yet addictive gameplay. Currently, the game has been remaining one of the most popular games on the App Store. It has been downloaded billions of times, resulting in the following version that is equally popular.


The adventurous plot of Temple Run

The game was about an adventure guy on the way to find treasure, he discovered an ancient temple with many greatly valuable statues. Then, he figured out a way to steal them. However, it was not easy, because these ancient statues were protected by different forces such as demons, traps, giant monsters, etc. He was chased by monsters and had to flee, as well as avoid other challenges (logs, waterfalls, big stones, roots, etc.) along the way.

It is not difficult for new players

The game starts with a guy running out of the temple and being chased by the crazy monster dubbed Demon Monkey, you have to control your character carefully to overcome the traps. You can just run but cannot hide. Your goal is to run as far as possible. The further you go, the harder it gets. You have to jump, slide and tilt your way through a number of obstacles coming your way. If you fall or hit an obstacle, or if you slow down enough for the monkeys to catch you, you will lose.

When you lose, Temple Run gives you the option to play an ad to continue where you died. Ads can be annoying, but this is a great feature if you're doing well and making just one small mistake. The bad thing is, if you decide not to watch ads to continue playing, you will still have to watch ads to start the game again. Therefore, just a few seconds to continue your path, why not?

The beat in the game is becoming faster and faster which requires players to focus and react accurately to get the highest score possible, if not, you will easily lose. Temple Run can really be addictive for players with endless chases with scary monsters, along with authentic sound. Surely a lot of people used to be mesmerized for hours every day with Temple Run!


The player controls the character by:

  • Swipe the screen left/right: turn to the respective directions.
  • Swipe up: jump.
  • Swipe down: slide.
  • Tilt the device left/right: adjust the running direction to eat coins.

The obstacles are also quite diverse: the roots grow encroaching on the path, the hole, the fire fountain, the waterfall... Sometimes the character has to run on the narrow edge of the cliff, but just a little shuffling back and forth, he will fall immediately down the cliff. Moreover, the player also has to avoid the obstacles that appear by sliding and jumping.

Additionally, the coins the guy picks up along the way can be used to buy items such as Mega Coins, Coins Magnet, Invisibility, ... In addition, when enough coins are accumulated, players can unlock new characters with exceptions and more attractive images.

Upgrade items

Upgrading items and equipment will help players achieve higher achievements in the game. When spending a corresponding amount, the player will be able to upgrade 20% of that item and apply it directly to the next run. Especially:


  • Mega Coin: Helps players multiply the value of each coin they pick up.
  • Coin Magnet: Works as a magnet to get the coins on both sides without having to jump over.
  • Invisibility: Helps players run a long run without being trapped by any obstacles.

Sounds and configuration

The animation of the character running, and the Demon Monkey chasing is extremely vivid that draws a lot of attention to players, especially kids.

The background sound is really mysterious at the beginning of the game. Moreover, when the monster comes close to you, it will howl, startling the player, and must run as fast as possible without hitting obstacles.

The sound effects of the old forest are very lively, the sound of the waterfall flowing, the sound of rope swings, and the sound of running through the bushes make Temple Run extremely lively.


In general, thrilling chases, terrifying monsters, and fast-beat gameplay make Temple Run become an addictive spiritual game for players of all ages. Now, let's download and share your best achievements together!