Clash of Clans APK 15.292.17 (Unlimited Gold, Gems, Oils)

Clash of Clans
App Name Clash of Clans
Genre RPG
Developer Supercell
Size 321.6Mb
Latest Version 15.292.17
Mod info Unlimited Gold, Gems, Oils
Update August 11, 2022 (1 years ago)

When it comes to the game publisher Supercell, we can't help but think of the game that made the company famous, Clash of Clans. This is the ultimate strategic game for smartphones, demanding specialized combat styles and methods from participants. Furthermore, the game allows for online rivalry between players. You may compete with your friends as well as other gamers from all around the world.

The Clash of Clans Mod Game

This game has improved over time through several iterations. Many new features have been added to give players something fresh to discover. Supercell's great goods, such as Clash of Clans, are continually going forward.


The strategy game Clash of Clans MOD is highly addicting. This game has a lot of appeals, combining high appeal with high-class strategic thinking gameplay. If you don't believe it, download and play this game immediately.

Download Clash of Clans MOD APK

Clash of Clans MOD APK is an appealing strategy game that places the player as a king ruling over a vast region in ancient times. Starting with the most basic labor of constructing a mighty empire, you will have to undertake the essential work, such as extending the area and exploiting resources like gold, diamonds, oil, wood, food, and so on.


The gameplay is quite similar to the well-known Empire. However, it has been optimized for use on Android and iOS devices. Supercell, a game manufacturing tycoon, has produced Clash of Clans Mod to make a fantastic product strategy game combining defense to deliver you excellent experiences. It will provide you with moments of eye-catching gaming with appealing gameplay and an excellent graphical interface created entirely on a 3D platform.

Build Your Empire

You will first be led to a tiny region with a few residents already there. You will begin by instructing these individuals to build huts, dwellings, and the main house. Carry on tasks such as logging and gold mining to begin building the first basic structures. Then you may keep upgrading and buying additional workers to have more labor in exploiting resources for your empire. Upgrade your main residence to attract more people.

Once you acquire gold/gems, you must construct additional troops to assemble an army. Train your army by improving it to be capable of fighting. When the enemy attacks, it will assist you in defending the fortress. Simultaneously, as you gain strength, you may send armies to conquer other nations to extend your territory and acquire resources, people, and even warriors.

The Ultimate Tactical Competition

Clash of Clans MOD APK has a vast and thriving gaming community. That's where you can demonstrate your tactical thinking to tens of millions of other gamers. The game is mostly an arms race, yet there are occasions when calculation and adaptability are essential. From assault to defense, you should always provide proper tactics and action techniques to win the battle. If there is a gap, the adversary will assault your base right away.


Choose the finest warriors to practice with for your army. Don't be fooled by your adversary's massive asset pool. If your opponent's force is insufficient, they will only fail if they assault you. On the opposite side, always pay attention to the volume of your assets before attacking any opponent. That will help you estimate your army's probability of victory.

System of Soldiers and Civilians

You may develop, train, and combat a variety of soldiers in the game. It provides several alternatives to building a great army for your country. Troops will initially be produced in Barrack. Following that, everyone will congregate in the Army Camp. There are currently 16 different sorts of regular troops from which to create your empire.

Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins are examples of type 1 pieces. Type 2 components with names like Giant, Wall Breaker, Balloon, and Wizard are slightly stronger. Type 3 is incredibly powerful with great combat ability, including Healer and Dragon. Moreover, the army is divided into two types: heroes and spells. Learn deeply about these two types of army's power to use them properly and win the fierce battle. 

Furthermore, villagers play a crucial role in your kingdom. They exploit resources and food to keep your country alive. Make sure to take care of them to maintain your country's power.

Join a Bigger Community for Monthly Rewards

When playing Hack Clash of Clans, you should join groups that are made up of regular gamers. You may join a variety of organizations at the same time. Each group will have its own set of qualifications and restrictions for membership. Joining these groups will allow you to follow people with higher levels and assist them in leveling up quicker. You will get monthly rewards if you are fortunate enough to be part of a large group with a spot on the leaderboard.

Groups will have rating factors such as achievements, characters, group level, etc. To join huge groups, you must first improve your empire's power. Otherwise, you may start your own. A specific quantity of money, diamonds, will be required to form a group. Invite everyone to join your team and work together to make it stronger.

Excellent Graphics & Sound

Nothing could be more fantastic in terms of visuals and music in the game. Quality 3D graphics with very sharp, brilliant color, appealing, and eye-catching animations will immerse you in the ferocious combat. Also, the explosive effects of landmines in battle and the orchestral soundtrack will make you feel as if you are playing the part of one of the game's protagonists.


Clash of Clans is one of the most popular tactical games on mobile in recent years. The game is available for all Android and iOS devices. So, invite your pals to join you in creating your own kingdom right now.