About Us

Welcome to AndroidMentor - A rich source of entertainment that you will never get bored with. AndroidMentor was formed in shape as a one-stop-shop for Android users and technology lovers. Actually, the AndroidMentor store consists of millions of Android games and apps with the modest mod app, which is totally free and instantly downloadable on a great number of devices.

Our Application

AndroidMentor was developed to give players the key to the endless source of entertainment. This is a mod file format used by the Android operating systems for the distribution and installation of mobile apps. Thanks to that, any kind of user, especially on-the-go users, can definitely make full use of AndroidMentor to immerse themselves in ever-lasting gaming experiences round-the-clock anywhere.

Interestingly, our application is entirely free, which means users will not have to pay any charge when downloading their favorite titles. We have applied the most advanced technology in our product with a view of lifting all barriers in terms of restricted countries and regions. All our modifications are available in the English language and have to offer a wide array of game versions of numerous countries in the world. Therefore, AndroidMentor is an excellent solution for foreign players who wish to enjoy gaming products in the mod versions.

Why Should You Use AndroidMentor?

Millions of users have placed their confidence in our application to quench their thirst. Different from ever-growing run-of-the-mill Mod Apk applications out there, our products are committed to providing players with the latest tools, which allow you to download any MOD APK files for your needs.

In case you want to get the most out of the latest games on the market, visit our site and choose one. The game lobby is continually updated on a frequent basis, which ensures all the products are hot and fresh out of the kitchen.

Notably, our application is safe and secured for users to make full use of. You can use VirusTotal Analyzer, such as Android Permissions, Android Activities, Android Services, to make sure that our product is completely safe and virus-free.

Furthermore, with an assortment of game categories, including action, strategy, simulation, educational, AndroidMentor will definitely make your experience beyond expectations.

Our Mission

Obviously, due to languages, restricted countries, or new updates from the app store, the majority of users cannot get access to their cup of tea. Originally born with the idea of “No one will be left behind”, AndroidMentor makes every effort to make it easy and accessible for worldwide users to make full use of the limitless source of entertainment.

We hope that our product will make a beeline for the gaming experience for users from every corner of the world.

Our Staff

AndroidMentor was founded and developed by my leading code developer in the fields at the beginning of 2020. Despite being the new kid on the block with over 20 employees, we have gained considerable results, most of which are positive reviews and evaluations.

Thanks to this strong motto, we grow up every single day, continue to revamp our image and promise to enhance our services in accordance with users’ demands.