GTA San Andreas APK 2.10 (Skin Unlocked)

GTA San Andreas
App Name GTA San Andreas
Genre Action
Developer Rockstar Games
Size 57.3Mb
Latest Version 2.10
Mod info Skin Unlocked
Update January 18, 2024 (5 months ago)

Gta san andreas mod apk, people must no longer be unfamiliar with this well-known game. The popular game that used to be connected to many players' childhoods has now released a new version named GTA San Andreas. It is certain to provide players with the most enjoyable moments of amusement thanks to the same gameplay as the previous versions.To experience, download now on Android devices.


Introducing GTA San Andreas 

GTA San Andreas, a hugely popular game from the studio Rockstar Games, was finally published at the end of 2013 after a protracted wait. With more than 1 million downloads per month, the game has maintained a high position in the market despite being available for a considerable amount of time.

In general, GTA San Andreas is a fantastic mobile amusement game with well-known gameplay along with a special version with many new features that you have never seen.


GTA San Andreas Plot

The year of the game's setting is 1987. The main character, a thug named Carl Johnson, witnesses his own brother murdered by an evil gangster. He fled to Liberty City to start over after being suspected of being the murderer and leave the haunting past behind. It may be stated that he gradually became a true criminal. With crimes of robbery piling up.

Five years later, Carl was captured by the police while successfully stealing a car. The police threatened Carl to work for them or else he would be unjustly convicted of killing a cop. Additionally, as a result of the growth of rival gangs, his former gang-which was also his only family-is now being excluded, compelling him to turn around and support his brothers. 

Gameplay GTA San Andreas

Players can go freely throughout the city because GTA San Andreas is constructed with a variety of big cities. Players can choose to live as they choose, ride in a certain car and explore the city, or turn into thieves who raid gold shops and steal cars. Players can also customize colors and styles for their cars to create a harmonious style for themselves. 

Game modes 

Starting in a modest city alley, players will take control of Carl Johnson.You will now have two options. The first is to complete tasks in order to gain a deeper understanding of the plot. The second is to do whatever you want and discover the world around you.

If you select option 1, you will participate in violent gang wars, smuggle guns and illegal items, assassinate those who get in your way,etc. 

If you select option 2, you will have more freedom and won't be subject to any restrictions. You can drive about, deliver pizza, swim in the ocean, hike mountains, race cars, visit bars, engage in gang warfare, or even breach the law to draw police attention.


Missions in GTA San Andreas

The tasks in the game are extremely varied, but they will primarily be unlawful missions like auto theft, weapon smuggling, target killing, bombing, engaging in gun battles. Whenever a mission is assigned, the player will be paid a specific amount, and the level in the underground world is also increased.

Weapons in GTA San Andreas

Since the game's subject is the underworld, weapons are essential, they frequently and densely occur in the game such as pistols, machine guns, shotguns,  sniper rifles, rocket launchers, grenades, close combat (knives, saws, sticks,...), and so on. Even tanks and jets are available.

Graphics and Sound

It must be acknowledged that GTA San Andreas' aesthetics are really outstanding, faithfully reproducing Liberty City, with a flexible day and night system, smooth character movements, and weapons that have been meticulously polished and detailed, all of which are sure to give players the feeling that they're actually living a new life.