Zombie Catchers APK 1.35.6 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Catchers
App Name Zombie Catchers
Genre Action
Developer Zombie Catchers
Size 99.6Mb
Latest Version 1.35.6
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 18, 2024 (5 months ago)

Introduce Zombie Catchers

In zombie catchers mod apk, you'll manage your own beverage company while playing the part of a zombie hunter. You will be immersed in a 2050 world where a zombie pandemic is raging. The plot of this game centers on two traders who have toured the galaxy in search of a suitable location to establish a business establishment. These two characters are AJ and Bud, aliens who have fallen in love with Earth and are trying to do real work here.


You will be the one to instill terror in the zombies in this game because they serve as the main component of your refreshing beverages. To successfully handle these colorful zombies, you must therefore learn how to use weaponry in the most precise manner. Additionally, by doing this, you can eliminate all zombies and stop the disease from spreading across the planet.

Exciting And New Gameplay With Zombie Hunting Journey

Zombie Catchers offers players fresh and distinctive gameplay, unlike other zombie-themed games. To make drinks, you will need to gather specific ingredients, and unusual ingredients include colorful zombies. The essence of different zombies can be used to create a drink that the villagers like.

In the game, you will encounter two different sorts of zombies. The first type will appear right before you, and you'll need to aim carefully and fire at them before they run away. The other type of zombie is that they will find a way to hide their whereabouts. You will have to use bait to make them emerge from the ground.

Besides, you will get help from a map that specializes in tracking these zombies. If the map discovers areas with zombies, it will send a signal, and you can go there immediately to capture them. You will control the character AJ with a weapon that always shoots the target forward, and each shot will catch a zombie.


Use Your Hunting Tools

To help you hunt zombies effectively, this game will provide you with the necessary hunting tools. At first, you will be using a javelin, and some brain traps to lure the zombies. However, after a while, you can purchase new equipment such as weapons, guns, nets, traps, and jetpacks. You'll have to learn how to flexibly use many of them to suit your goals, difficulty, and hunting location.

In addition, your weapons can be upgraded to increase their range and power. So take advantage of this function to repel scary zombies and prevent them from attacking innocent people.

Manage And Grow Your Business

As we mentioned, Zombie Catchers is more than just an action game. It also allows you to become a business manager amid a zombie apocalypse. Here you will need to manage machines, develop new recipes, and upgrade the overall production of your business.

However, you will need to be aware that some customers need many drinks, but the lead time is not as fast as you would like. The solution to this problem could only be to use plutonium, the game's main currency, to help you speed up the production process as much as possible. So you must always consider ways to bring in more money and keep your business from going bankrupt.


Complete Quests And Unlock Useful Elements

You will discover 6 hunting sites in Zombie Catchers, each with a different difficulty level. The first will be the Swamp, where you will encounter zombies hiding in the swamp. Then there are other locations like the Beach, Snow, Chinatown, and the Lagoon. As you level up, it gets harder and harder to catch zombies. The same goes for bosses. For some strong bosses, you will probably need to hit it multiple times using your javelin to catch it successfully.

Fun 2D Graphics And Sounds

Zombie Catchers deserves the title of being a purely entertaining game when it does not provide any scary images to scare players. Instead, you will encounter hilarious zombies of all different colors. In addition, the images in the game are designed with a bright and cheerful 2D style.

Besides, you'll hear very playful tunes in the background. The fun sound effects added to the game make it feel more like a cartoon than a horror movie. This makes it suitable for all players, even children.