Shadow Fight 3 APK 1.36.2 (Unlimited Money/Frozen Enemy)

Shadow Fight 3
App Name Shadow Fight 3
Genre Simulations
Developer Nekki
Size 193.1Mb
Latest Version 1.36.2
Mod info Unlimited Money/Frozen Enemy
Update January 18, 2024 (5 months ago)

The most recent installment of the well-known fighting game series Shadow Fight is called Shadow Fight 3. Fans of this game will be able to recognize the series' epic action from the combat battles as well as many other very alluring features like rich missions, intensely personalized characters and a thrilling plot.

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The sequel to the fighting game Shadow Fight, Shadow Fight 3, offers an equally engaging experience as its previous incarnation. Let's play some of the most dramatic matches available in this version of the game by downloading it directly to Android devices.

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Introducing Shadow Fight 3

In this version, the player assumes the role of the hero who puts an end to the conflict between light and dark forces. Players must master three different fighting techniques: fencing, boxing, and street martial arts—to be able to put an end to it. Players will gather weapons throughout the mission to battle the most powerful warriors.

To create a large-scale conflict, Shadow Fight 3 is divided into three factions: the court faction, the warrior faction, and the shadow faction.Every group has a distinct goal, fighting styles from three different factions. Because of this, players will find the game to be much more engaging.

Shadow Fight 3 Plot

The people eventually grew accustomed to the Shadow Energy's presence in their world and learned how to take advantage of it both in battle and in daily life. However, the mighty legion attacked their territory and ended this threat from the darkness.

The Dynasty and the populace in fear under the control of the legion in black emerged from the shadows and discovered the essence of Shadow Energy. A new hero has emerged in that situation to end the war and save the planet. 

Players begin as a new member of Shadow Squad, have access to a variety of weapons, learn new fighting techniques and ultimately make decisions on  how the war will turn out.

With a variety of game modes and challenges, the game's main plot will take players on an adventure in the land of legendary warriors and magi. ​

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Players can experience Shadow Fight 3 with many new changes and a completely new look. The primary gameplay, however, has not changed despite the addition of numerous new features. ​

Shadow Fight 3's gameplay leans toward first-person combat, and the game modes will be modified for different gaming platforms. As mentioned above, Shadow Fight 3 offers players three separate factions. The player's task will be to join one of those three factions and support that faction's success.

A wide range of weaponry

The variety of weapons, hats, armor, and darts available to players from each faction can reach hundreds of different types. Players will receive unique skills and maneuvers for each type of weapon.

Players can use bare hands or weapons to attack enemies from a distance. Dark powers can also be used to unlock special abilities for weapons and can be used to create combo attacks. ​

Features in Shadow Fight 3

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- Players can choose from a very extensive arsenal of weapons and armor in Shadow Fight 3 for their characters. To improve their own strength, players can evolve and upgrade their characters. ​

- The character's combos and skills, as well as slow-motion moments when the character strikes beautifully have been updated in comparison to the previous version. ​

- In the game, selecting your faction is one of the variables that impacts the storyline.

- Different themed events will be featured in Shadow Fight 3. You can enter to win spectacular and rare items for your character. ​


Stunning colors, eye-catching shapes, vivid 3D graphics, and artistic environmental landscapes. Following Part 2's success, Shadow Fight 3 focuses on skills with epic action sequences from fighting matches and extremely potent skill effects. ​

Besides that, part 3 provides players with meticulously designed characters for every muscle and attack skill. In a new form, the match selection map has also been redesigned and looks much better than it does in other games of the same genre. ​ ​