Stick War: Legacy APK 2023.5.255 (Unlimited Gems)

Stick War: Legacy
App Name Stick War: Legacy
Genre Simulations
Size 151.1Mb
Latest Version 2023.5.255
Mod info Unlimited Gems
Update January 21, 2024 (2 months ago)

Have you ever experienced battles with all "stick" people? Sounds so funny but strange. Let's try to immerse yourself to show your strategy skills with an aggressive fighting game dubbed Stick War: Legacy. 

Stick War Legacy: A fun strategy game worth playing

Stick War: Legacy is a stickman game, but with a classic tactical style, it belongs to an interesting array of games with simple graphics suitable for even weak configurations. Currently, the strategy games that follow the trend of fighting and defending have been very trendy on mobile that attracts the most players. Until now, the amount of downloads has not stopped.


The game's image has been expertly optimized by the publisher, who also frequently gets strong feedback and evaluations from players. More than a hundred million downloads in Stick War Legacy show that this is one of the most popular mobile games.

The plot of Stick War: Legacy is quite detailed when bringing players into the land of Inamorta, a country being occupied by dictatorial forces. Gamers will play the role of a rebel army, step by step reclaim freedom for the unfortunate people here, and unite all to get the highest throne. In general, the plot of Stick War: Legacy has a clear aim, which is very crucial for strategy games.

Instruction for playing Stick War: Legacy


In this game, players will have control of their army in formation or play by unit, so you can manage every soldier. Moreover, gamers can build units, mine gold, and command six different types of warriors including miners, swordsmen, archers, spearmen, wizards, and giants. Remember that every troop type has its own unique traits and strength, such as swordsmen who deal heavy damage and move quickly but have limited health, defensive spears who are effective defenders but move slowly, and mages who are very expensive but may summon free mini monsters. At the maximum level of difficulty, the adversary will also have soldiers exactly like your team. Besides, the game is also incredibly intelligent when it knows how to combine different sorts of soldiers, attack, or withdraw to protect, giving a lot of irritation to the player.

In the defending mission, the players must try to defend their statue and knock down the opponent's one. In survival missions, the players must try to defend themselves through many different attacks by aggressive enemies. In addition, the gamers are able to monitor their soldiers as well as rival lives based on the blood bars above them. After passing the levels, the players will receive 2 skill points that can be used to upgrade the index for soldiers and constructions.

Shopping and upgrading

The store includes costumes to increase soldiers' stats, players can also use a variety of skills after the battles to buy diamonds and make fighting easier. Each skill will bring different effects such as summoning troops, increasing attack speed, and increasing strength, ... to help players easily sweep the enemies and strongly increase their stats in the army.

Impressive things drawing players into the stickman fight

Developing a strategy to protect the country: players need to generate a strategy to stop and protect their kingdom. Their battle formation should have techniques, giants, swordsmen, and soldiers. Players will equip them with weapons and build their own battle tactics.


Gold, money, and diamonds in the game are really important: they are used to buy and equip weapons and build a powerful army. Therefore, you have to upgrade the workers to help them mine gold and resources for you effectively every day.

Engaging in fierce wars: Players must fight to protect their kingdom. With their victory, players will receive extremely valuable loot and expand the territory of their kingdom.

Easy upgrading: Most of the things in Stick War: Legacy are easily upgradeable, from the soldiers to the constructions.

Decorative design and more vivid sound: More colorful decorations, combined with vivid sounds inspire you to play more excitingly.

Summary of Stick War: Legacy

Stick War Legacy is an exciting action game, with a simple 2D graphic design, and a lightweight configuration for mid-range phones that have brought success to the game.

Gamers can download Stick War Legacy on both Android and iOS platforms, and you may already know that the PC game version was released before, so you can also download and experience the Stick War Legacy PC version.

+ Android: 4.1 and above

Download now and experience the fun that the game brings to you!