Zombie Tsunami APK 4.5.132 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Tsunami
App Name Zombie Tsunami
Genre Arcade
Size 78.0Mb
Latest Version 4.5.132
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 18, 2024 (3 months ago)

The type of endless running game is not strange to mobile players. Zombie Tsunami is a bit different from other games, your task is also to control a group of zombies running on the high highway through the city. However, the number of zombies will increase and decrease throughout the journey as you save the people in trouble on the road, overcome obstacles, and many other surprises coming to you.



However, life is not as beautiful as a dream, you will encounter unpleasant human devices. They are also equipped with a variety of modern and advanced weapons such as bombs, helicopters, and tanks to fight against your army. To win the level, the player needs to make sure that there is still at least one zombie on the way, if it is dead, you will lose.

The main goal of Zombie Tsunami:

First, you will press and hold controls to jump high, the longer you hold your finger on the screen, the longer the zombie will fall, in straight lines, the zombie will automatically run. Secondly, you need to avoid obstacles such as buses or tanks containing bad guys, and explosive bomb-shaped obstacles (hanging high or fixed on the road). Be careful with subsidence or fractured roads because you can fall down at any time. Moreover, try to increase the number of zombies during the run so that your army can confront human devices. When the screen appears with an exclamation, it means that there are moving obstacles ahead of you. It could be a car or plane crash, players need to actively avoid them.



Last but not least, the number of people saved will be equal to the number of brains you collect. When you have enough 100 brains, you will receive attractive rewards or special power-ups, and support during the game.

Funny images and funny sound

Besides the simple but eye-catching graphics, Zombie Tsunami also has a fun sound to avoid boredom for players in the process of conquering the running way. The image of Zombie Tsunami is designed to be extremely funny and stylized, the image of zombies with their widened mouths open to eat everything has made a strong impression on players, bringing a more fun gaming experience than ever. It can be said that thanks to the visual and sound effects, ZT easily becomes an entertaining game that you will spend a lot of your time.


Play it or not?

In conclusion, Zombie Tsunami is entertaining not only for kids, but adults also enjoy playing it. The beat of this game is faster and faster making players have to concentrate a lot to play. Why don't we just experience it to see how interesting it is?