Monster Legends APK 14.5.3 (Damage/Always 3 Stars)

Monster Legends
App Name Monster Legends
Genre Role Playing
Size 119M
Latest Version 14.5.3
Mod info Damage/Always 3 Stars
Update August 08, 2022 (1 years ago)

Monster Legends is the successor of Dragon City, a hugely popular Facebook game you may have played in the past. This is one of the well-known games from the developer Socialpoint, made with realistic and vivid graphics appropriate for players of all ages. So, if you enjoy seeing exciting battles between unique monsters, this game will be a good fit and will undoubtedly satisfy you.

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Introduce Monster Legends

You will be transported to an idyllic island in the universe of Monster Legends. There will be several monsters with supernatural skills and devastating assault capabilities. Your primary goal is to build homes, hatch eggs, develop skills, and engage in combat with other players to increase your territory.

Each monster in this game will also have unique attributes, stats, skills, and experience points. They can so support many of the strategies you develop. Specifically, every monster can produce gold on its own, giving you more money to construct and enhance.

The game is currently only compatible with smartphones running iOS 9.0 or Android 4.1 and above.

The Gameplay Is Basic But Appealing

Each new player will have an island where many monsters of various kinds are raised. Your task is to take care of and improve the monsters, send them out to conquer new countries, and increase the size of your property.

The gameplay takes place in the form of turn-based combat, dividing the order of attacks based on the speed of the monster. Every sort of monster has its characteristics, so you must act at the perfect time to eliminate the threat. You must continuously alter the monster and attack skill to make the optimal decision for each attack. Each battle can only utilize three monsters.

Attractive Game Modes

Surely you will not be bored with the four attractive game modes in Monster Legends.

  • Pass: Pass mode is the most basic, with more than 400 different doors. Players can travel to numerous islands and engage in monster fights in this mode. Additionally, to continue your trip, you can engage in combat with huge bosses and win them.
  • Multiplayer: In this mode, when you defeat other players, you gain points that will help you move up the ranks; if you lose, you lose points and are demoted. Some Monster Legends tiers are rookie, gold, bronze, champion, legend, and legend leader.
  • Live Duels: You can only access this mode once you have reached level 20. Here, worrying about your monsters' power is unnecessary because the system will provide you with three fight-forming options. It will be your responsibility to put together the most potent offensive squad.
  • Dungeons: When you reach level 10, this game mode will open. This is a type of sub-table where you have the opportunity to collect precious items.

Build Your Own Paradise Island

You can entirely remodel and construct new buildings, including food farms, temples, and stables for monsters, on Paradise Island. Each will have a specific function and may even strengthen your monsters.

You can quickly take over new regions by utilizing the advantages of owning many monsters. You can also access many surrounding areas and other buildings as you level up.

In addition, the game will have a quest system with many tasks that will follow you from the start. You can explore the island and your mission to win the battle.

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Various Types Of Monsters

Monsters are categorized into various groups. To produce new monsters, you can breed your existing monsters. You may also purchase eggs from the shop to acquire new varieties of monsters.

The game's monsters can be employed against one another because they each have unique traits. Consequently, when beginning the battle, you should consider the opponent's attributes to set up a good squad.

Additionally, you must breed, acquire, and hatch eggs if you want to own monsters. Each species will have varied health, speed, and strength level. An adult monster has a talent pool of up to four. You can also upgrade your monsters and use items to help them grow in strength.

Graphics And Sound Are Appreciated

In Monster Legends, the graphics and sound are combined distinctively and appealingly. The game's background music is relatively soothing, blends well with the interface, and starkly contrasts with the dramatic fighting. Additionally, the game's sound effects when the player interacts with it are highly unique, adding to its appeal and fun.

Even though the game's graphics are in 2D format and less glistening than those in 3D games, many people still adore it because it is expressed in a unique cartoon manner. The main island of paradise and the surrounding floating sub-islands are decked with various brilliant hues. It will give you the impression that you are in a lush, verdant paradise filled with exotic animals and flora.

Monster Legends MOD APK Version

MOD Feature: Always Win 3 Stars
The game will require you to win three stars every time you win a match. With this MOD feature, you can thus quickly receive your bonus and spin the wheel of fortune.

Remember that the MOD version only functions in Adventure Map mode.

Download Monster Legends MOD APK 

Overall, Monster Legends has all the elements of a 3v3 animal fighting game and many more attractive features than Dragon City. This self-made game offers a rich system of monsters, promising many new challenges on the way to strengthen and expand your territory.