Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo APK 2.2 (287) (Pro Unlocked)

Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo
App Name Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo
Genre Simulations
Developer Wemagine.AI
Size 46M
Latest Version 2.2 (287)
Mod info Pro Unlocked
Update October 20, 2022 (1 years ago)

The photo editing application Voilà AI Artist is produced by Wemagine.ai LLP, you can take new photos or edit ones you already have to create 2D or 3D images that resemble Pixar or Disney cartoon characters. Voila AI Artist uses artificial intelligence to swiftly and artistically transform regular photos into animated character graphics.

Download Voilà AI Artist MOD APK For Android

Although there are a plethora of picture editing applications available on the market, have you ever heard of an app turning photos into cartoon characters? Very fresh and interesting, isn't it? Install now Voilà AI Artist MOD APK for Android to experience the unique features that are available only in this application.


Introducing Voilà AI Artist

It is likely quite common and no longer novel to take images and then edit them to lovely. Due to the daily rise in demand, we frequently want to modify images to make them fresh, intriguing, and even humorous. Prior to that, there were apps with cutting-edge designs like FaceApp, which can change your gender, age you back into a toddler, or Reface, which merges celebrity photographs onto your face. And today, let me introduce you to Voilà AI Artist, an app that enables you to create Walt Disney or Pixar-style cartoon images from your photos in a very fresh but equally intriguing way.

One of the first software for animation features is Voilà AI Artist of publisher Wemagine AI. The application has a small file size, is compatible with numerous devices, and has a minimalist structure. Your portraits will be processed by this app, which uses AI to create photos that look like vintage Disney cartoons. You can even change into a princess or prince from a cartoon, such as Mulan, Cinderella, Aladin, and more.

In recent times, you will undoubtedly notice a lot of people using filters or posting pictures of themselves paired with cartoon characters on social networks. Users appear to be eager to share such altered photographs based on their own faces. Voilà AI Artist has succeeded in establishing one of many people's favorite trends, particularly among young people.

Besides making 2D and 3D cartoon-style photographs, you can also turn everyday photos into retro-style photos. As you can see, Voilà AI Artist is a fantastic tool that is building a distinctive new trend.

How to Use Voilà AI Artist

The interface of Voilà AI Artist is really straightforward, it will resemble any photo-editing apps you have ever loaded on your phone. Therefore, using this application won't be too challenging for everyone.

After installing Voilà AI Artist, you can see a variety of distinct styles on the app's interface. For instance, 2D or 3D cartoons, caricatures, or self-portraits in the manner of the 18th century. First, take a portrait photo of yourself or upload one you already have. Then, different filters will automatically be displayed by the application, and you may apply them to the photo by just touching them.

One of the most popular filters in Voilà AI Artist is the ability to create 3D animations. This feature makes you no different from the cartoon world. Additionally, for the caricature style, Voila AI Artist will add details such as automatically turning the smiley photo for you, making the photo more funny and interesting.

Following conversion, you can share your new amusing photo right away on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others so that everyone can enjoy your entertaining end result.

Some Points to Note About Voilà AI Artist

Everyone can download and utilize Voilà AI Artist on their phone without having to register for an account. However, applying the filter on Voilà AI Artist will take a long time when using the free mode. Additionally, there are numerous advertising and watermarks on the images. With the paid version for Android, which costs $2/week, $4/month, or $21/year, you can get rid of watermarks and adverts, receive extra features, and speed up loading.


With the fantastic entertainment app Voilà AI Artist, you can customize humorous Pixar or Disney cartoon characters to your images and share them with everyone. This app's unique filters and features will no doubt spark interest and amusement. To enjoy the special functions, download the Voilà AI Artist MOD APK right away.